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A 38% price increase is looming for residential PPL customers; here’s how to avoid a full raise | Local News


Citing a spike in natural gas prices, as well as economy-wide inflation, Lancaster County’s main utility forecast a 38% hike in residential rates June 1.

PPL Electric Utilities will increase its residential rate to 12.366 cents per kilowatt-hour from 8.941 cents per kWh, a jump that will leave prices at their highest level in more than a decade, according to LNP | LancasterOnline files. For a residential customer using an average of 1,000 kWh electricity per month, this increase will add $34 to their bill. And due to a previous double-digit increase in December, that same customer will pay $48 more per month for electricity this summer than last summer.

Here’s how to avoid the full increase:

Sign up for the Standard Offer Program

An option consumers might want to explore immediately is the volunteering of their usefulness Standard Offer Program– which is an alternative for PPL customers who have not yet changed their electricity supplier by pparticipate in the competitive electricity market. The standard offer offers these customers the possibility of receiving the service of a competing supplier at a price fixed price this is 7% below the current price of the utility to be compared. The price of the Standard Offer is fixed for one year and can be canceled by the customer at any time without early termination or cancellation fees. There may not be participating providers in all regions.

After exploring the standard offering, consumers may want to lock in a discount with their current utility price to compare – which could represent future savings with the price to compare increases on June 1. Residential and small commercial customers can get more information and sign up for the standard offer program in cPPL contacting.

buy one vendor

Consumers and small businesses can also use the Ppublic ennsylvania youutility VSomissionit is PAPowerSwitch energy buying website to explore and compare other offers from competing energy providers, who may provide ssavings compared to their PPLthe default service rate of . The website offers consumers and small businesses information on how to purchase electricity supply services– allowing consumers to quickly compare offers from competing providers with their local utility’s default service rate and learn more about switching to a competing provider or returning to the default service, if they so choose wish.

Advice on buying from a supplier

It is important that every utility customer understands what they are paying for the supply of electricity, either through a default service from their electric utility or through a contract with a generation supplier. competitor energy. Key questions to ask include:

  • How do the rates of competing providers compare to the price of the utility being compared?

  • Is the supplier contract at a fixed rate or at a variable rate – and if the rate is variable, what are the conditions for changing the price of electricity?

  • Does the contract provide for additional fees, such as membership fees or early termination of the contract?

  • When will the contract expire – and what options do consumers have as the contract end date approaches?

To aim andefficiency and conservation

PPL’s ​​On Track program can reduce monthly costs and cancel some personal debts and families based on income.

A one-person household may qualify if they earn less than $20,385. Add $7,080 for each additional person per household to determine if a multi-person household may qualify.

The program also offers referrals to other services that can help.