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A club in Scotland saves 70 tonnes of CO2


An event venue in Scotland uses the body heat of its dancing guests to generate thermal energy. She wants to use this innovative technology to reduce annual CO2 emissions.

The first venue in the world to present SWG3 in Glasgow 07. November 2021 A new heat regulation system. This is called “body heat” and can store the body heat of guests and staff for months. it operates using a heat pump coupled to the ground and pits 150 to 200 meters deep. The system integrates the site’s heating and cooling needs. If necessary, the operator can use the waste heat to heat the building rooms.

Provides the world’s first method for storing thermal energy during body heat events. But for many years there have been clubs that generate electricity using movement on the dance floor. Rotterdam’s “watt club”, for example, uses a mechanism in which the floor panels give way and the energy released is converted into electricity. About 2000 dancers can light up the dance floor and generate electricity for the DJ booth.

Events on the way to CO2 neutrality?

Bodyheat can help more places save CO2.
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Thanks to body heat, the site of the incident reduces its consumption fossil fuels heavy and according to your statements it can go up to 70 tonnes CO2 save every year. On its website, SWG3 writes: “BodyHeat is an inspiring and groundbreaking project that has the potential to make a significant contribution to the carbon neutrality of places and to leave a legacy for years to come, not only in Scotland but in the world. whole world.

The new energy system will be launched when COP26 (26th United Nations Conference of the Parties on Climate Change) stattfindet.

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