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Aiwan-e-Sadr certified as first presidency in the world to go green, saving 72 million rupees per year – Pakistan


Published on October 16, 2021 04:40

President Arif Alvi said the presidency’s initiative should also be replicated across the country.

ISLAMABAD (Web Desk) – As a unique distinction, the Aiwan-e-Sadr received an international certification of ISO 50001 EnMS on Friday, making it the first presidential secretariat in the world, which President Arif Alvi said he has achieved. to reduce more than 35% of its energy. use and would save Rs 72.5 million to the national pot.

After taking office in 2018, President Dr Arif Alvi envisioned a Green Presidency initiative to reduce the energy consumption of the President’s Secretariat and switch it to a renewable energy source.

Describing the monetary benefits of going green, the President said the savings from energy conservation and clean energy production amounted to 3,154,750 kWh. The initiative is equivalent to a reduction of 3,144 tonnes of greenhouse gases and the planting of 142,909 mature trees.

The Aiwan-e-Sadr was also awarded GBC SEED Platinum as the building is now fully powered by an internal 1 MW solar system. The ISO 50001 EnMS certificate was awarded to project manager Shahid Shaukat by Abdur Razzaq Lakhani of SGS and the GBC SEED Platinum certificate by Rashid Bashir of the Green Building Council.

Addressing the ceremony, the president said the presidency’s initiative should also be replicated across the country given the importance of energy conservation across the world.

He thanked the private sector companies who supported the initiative as part of their corporate social responsibility.

President Alvi said it was always wise to prevent carbon emissions as the world, including Pakistan, was under pressure over the availability of water and other natural resources. Thanks to this initiative, the building’s greenhouse gas production has been reduced from 102 tonnes in 2018 to 2,028 tonnes this year.

Also citing the teachings of the Holy Prophet on water conservation and waste of resources, the president called for instilling habits in young people to conserve energy.

He said that by launching the initiative, he never thought of getting such recognition. He asked young people to be aware of the overall needs given the sensitivity of the situation.

Illustrating Barcelona, ​​the president also called for using the roofs of buildings for green purposes like planting or solar panels.

He said going green in Aiwan-e-Sadr would help avoid 3,144 tonnes of carbon emissions, which equates to 325 trucks.

He said Prime Minister Imran Khan launched Billion Tree Tsunami when such green projects were nowhere in the spotlight in the world. However, later all of society, including civil society, mosques and youth, engaged in the 10 billion tree tsunami.

The president, who had previously distributed certificates of appreciation to representatives of collaborating companies, also called for discouraging flood irrigation habits in agriculture and food waste and praised the government’s policy in the area. of vertical buildings.

He said that a Miywaki forest was also being developed under the presidency with support from the private sector.

The president said that in order to address food security, it was essential to stop fighting against the people. He said the trillions of dollars spent in Afghanistan could have helped end hunger, if they had been used otherwise.

Association of Energy Engineers Executive Director Bill Kent in his virtual address congratulated President Dr Arif Alvi and his team for taking the step of making Aiwan-e-Sadr the very first Presidency of the world to have received the ISO-5001 Energy Management certification. System certification.

He said the certification demonstrates Pakistan’s commitment to meeting its clean energy and energy efficiency goals.

He said Pakistan is rich in energy resources including wind, solar and biomass, and if fully exploited, the country could contribute to the global economy. He said countries need to train architects, builders and developers to help meet energy conservation goals.

Calling the President’s Secretariat initiative a step in the right direction, Bill Kent said it serves as a model for energy efficiency and conservation measures in the country.

He said established in 1977, AEE also has its presence in Pakistan and 38 professionals had received AEE certifications.

In his speech, Abdur Razzaq Lakhani said that ISO 50001 EnMS has helped improve energy management and congratulated the president’s secretariat for successfully implementing the recommendations.

He said green building certificates should be the next goal to promote energy conservation through environmentally friendly structures.

Rashid Bashir of the Green Building Council said Pakistan’s contribution to carbon emissions was less than 1%, but it was among the states most vulnerable to the threat of climate change.

He said that during the project all aspects of energy conservation were reviewed and recommendations were made which were followed to qualify the certificate.