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Andhra Pradesh: Students to participate in energy saving campaign


To spread the message of energy efficiency and conservation, the National Energy Conservation Mission (SECM) plans to involve students in various activities.

Faced with the constant increase in energy demand and the rapid depletion of resources, the SECM intends to mobilize the student community and fight effectively against energy waste.

The formation of energy clubs in schools is being actively considered to facilitate the awareness of the inhabitants of the state about energy efficient appliances.

This initiative will create a platform for exchanging innovative ideas on energy conservation. The SECM, in collaboration with the Department of Education, will set up these energy clubs and, to date, approximately 75 schools have expressed interest in forming them.

Special Chief Secretary (Energy) K. Vijayanand instructed officials to devise activities to motivate students and teachers and ensure the success of the campaign.

Pilot project

SECM also implemented a pilot project in 85 model schools where old appliances were replaced with efficient electrical appliances such as LED bulbs, tube lights and energy-saving fans.

An impact analysis was also carried out in 51 model schools in order to scientifically assess the actual energy savings.

Based on this study, it is expected that about 6.31 lakh units of electricity per year can be saved in 85 model schools by implementing energy efficiency measures.