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Astra Energy Inc. sets up in Africa Investing in


SAN DIEGO, December 9, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – via InvestorWire – Astra Energy Inc. (OTC Pink Sheets: ASRE) (“Astra” or the “Company”), a developer of renewable energy and energy recovery projects waste and technology acquisition company, announces the launch of joint ventures to develop and deploy energy transformation opportunities to meet Africa’s growing demand for modern renewable energy sources.

Astra Energy is taking giant steps to realize its vision of developing clean energy projects that empower communities, protect the environment and shape a sustainable energy landscape for future generations.

In November 2021, Astra Energy Inc. entered Africa with the creation of a wholly owned subsidiary called Astra Energy Africa. The company has successfully completed the legal registration process, allowing it to operate from the outset in the country of Uganda.
In addition, Astra has acquired trade and investment licenses registered with the Ugandan government procurement authority. A similar process is underway in Tanzania and neighboring Zanzibar.

As part of a market penetration strategy, Astra has signed several memoranda of understanding in joint ventures with M&E Associates, one of Uganda’s largest and most experienced local engineering consultancies, and Muttico Technical Services Ltd., a large local high voltage power line and substation construction. and maintenance contractor. Both companies will benefit from both Astra’s ability to raise affordable project finance and its team of highly experienced technical staff who have been brought together to move projects forward successfully.

Population growth and economic progress in Africa has meant that demand for energy has skyrocketed, and a viable path to prosperity includes safeguarding Africa’s abundant renewable resources and introducing modern renewable energy sources. to reduce the use of traditional biomass and provide access to reliable electricity. Astra’s involvement in Africa will play a transformative role in the transition to a sustainable energy future in order to accelerate the development of the renewable energy targets set by the International Renewable Energy Agency (“IRENA”) for 2030.

About Astra Énergie inc.

Astra Energy Inc. is an emerging renewable energy technology and project development company. The Company invests and develops renewable and clean energy projects in markets where demand is high, supply is limited and it is possible to meet other imminent market needs, while cultivating an intellectual property portfolio. and global licenses for innovative renewable energy technology and generation projects to deploy this technology.

Astra’s corporate strategy is anchored in securing technologies and assets; identify viable market opportunities; and bring together the resources, expertise, technology and defined action plans to execute world-class projects that benefit communities, local economies, the planet and the Company’s investors.

For more information on Astra Energy, please visit the company’s website at: www.astraenergyinc.com

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