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Balfour Beatty Communities and ENGIE complete energy upgrades for over 1,000 homes in Fort Eustis and Fort Story | national company



Balfour Beatty Communities, a national residential real estate investment and management company, and ENGIE Services US, a subsidiary of ENGIE North America (ENGIE), a leading provider of low-carbon energy and services, recently completed more than $12 million in energy efficiency improvements to more than 1,000 homes in Fort Eustis and Fort Story, Virginia. The project, which has leveraged private capital, brings modernized fixtures and systems to homes, reducing energy consumption and streamlining related maintenance services while continuing to improve the living experience of military families. This successful project is another example of the benefits realized through the Military Housing Privatization Initiative (MHPI).

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“We are proud to have completed this project, which improves critical systems in military family homes at Fort Eustis and Fort Story,” said Mark Lavin, executive vice president of Balfour Beatty Communities. “Our work with ENGIE makes these military housing communities more resilient and generates utility savings that will be used to further improve these homes as part of our long-term reinvestment effort.”

The project delivered turnkey energy and water efficiency improvements through a self-funded Energy Savings Performance Contract (ESPC), including:

  • 77,000 energy efficient lighting and fixture upgrades
  • 475 high efficiency heat pump systems
  • 995 smart home thermostats
  • 1,500 bathroom hygrostats
  • Water conservation fixtures, including 4,500 faucet aerators in bathrooms and kitchens, 2,700 low-flow toilets and 1,800 showerheads
  • More than 900 homes received building envelope weatherization updates, including energy-efficient vent caps, among other improvements

New HVAC systems reduce the carbon footprint of Balfour Beatty housing facilities while making homes more comfortable to live in, reducing mechanical breakdowns and standardizing equipment across the portfolio to reduce operating costs and of maintenance. These improvements are expected to reduce residential consumption by approximately 3,286,588 kWh/year of electricity, 857 CCF/year of natural gas and 21,284,200 gal/year of water.

“This project helps improve living conditions for our military families while supporting President Biden’s executive order to address the climate crisis at home and abroad. Simultaneously, we were able to support the Army’s climate strategy by reducing greenhouse gas emissions at Fort Eustis and Fort Story by more than 2,000 metric tons,” said Brad Boerger, vice president of business development for ‘ENGIE.

Working with the U.S. military, Balfour Beatty builds sustainability and resilience with projects that enhance its military housing communities. The ESPC initiative also supports the Department of Defense’s goal of providing 100 percent of the energy load required by every U.S. military installation by 2030 through investments in sustainability initiatives such as energy-efficient housing and power generation. ‘renewable energy.

Balfour Beatty and ENGIE continue to expand the ESPC initiative with several new projects in Balfour Beatty Communities’ military housing portfolio at various stages of assessment, approval and implementation.

About Balfour Beatty Communities

Balfour Beatty Communities is an active owner and operator of residential real estate in the multifamily, student and military housing sectors across the United States. Since its inception in 1999, Balfour Beatty Communities has invested in nearly 100 properties representing over $7.9 billion in gross asset value. Our extensive in-house expertise includes decades of property/facility acquisition, development, financing, renovation, leasing and management experience. Leveraging this extensive expertise and a customer service-focused approach, Balfour Beatty Communities seeks to create value in its real estate projects while providing exceptional living experiences. For more information, visit www.balfourbeattycommunities.com.

Balfour Beatty Communities is a subsidiary of Balfour Beatty Investments, Inc.. and Balfour Beatty plcone of the main international infrastructure groups.

About ENGIE North America

Based in Houston, Texas, ENGIE North America Inc. is a regional hub of ENGIE, a global leader in low-carbon energy and services. ENGIE (ENGI), is listed on the Paris and Brussels stock exchanges. Together with our 170,000 employees worldwide, our customers, partners and stakeholders, we are committed to accelerating the transition to a carbon neutral world, through reduced energy consumption and more environmentally friendly solutions. Inspired by our purpose, we reconcile economic performance and positive impact on people and the planet, relying on our key businesses (gas, renewable energies, services) to offer competitive solutions to our customers. In North America, ENGIE helps customers achieve their energy efficiency, reliability and ultimately sustainability goals as we work together to shape a sustainable future. We achieve this through: energy efficiency projects, the supply of energy (including renewable energy and natural gas) and the development, construction and operation of renewable energy assets (wind, solar , storage, etc). For more information on ENGIE North America, please visit our LinkedIn page or our Twitter feed, https://www.engie-na.com/ and https://www.engie.com.

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