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bee: bee preparation mechanism to bring energy efficiency to every doorstep | Visakhapatnam News

Visakhapatnam: The energy efficiency and conservation efforts of the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) have saved 40,945 crore of electricity over the past few years.
The Bureau of Energy Efficiency has now set an ambitious goal of saving 129 million tonnes of oil equivalent (Mtoe) across all sectors over the next decade.
For this, the BEE plans to prepare a comprehensive plan and mechanism to reach all the doors of the country.
BEE is also planning to advise other states in the country to follow the model of Andhra Pradesh and Kerala for effective implementation of energy efficiency and conservation programs by establishing stand-alone/dedicated agencies to fully focus on energy efficiency.
In a webinar with all State Designated Agencies (SDAs) of State Governments including Andhra Pradesh, BEE Chief Executive Abhay Bhakre stressed the need to sensitize every citizen to make them partners in the energy conservation movement. “Minister of Electricity and New and Renewable Energy, RK Singh, directed the BEE to motivate and urge all state governments to opt for stand-alone SDAs for the implementation of programs energy efficiency and conservation, modeled on Andhra Pradesh and Kerala,” Bhakre said.
The DG further said that the Secretary of the Ministry of Energy, Alok Kumar appreciated the BEE and proactive states in the field of energy efficiency, especially the PAT. “Under the Execute, Achieve and Trade (PAT) program alone, the country achieved savings of 8.67 Mtoe in PAT Cycle 1 and 13.28 Mtoe in PAT Cycle 2. Monetary savings from PAT 1 and 2 rounds are around 40,945 crores for 621 energy-intensive industries,” Bhakre said.
The State Energy Efficiency Index (SEEI)-2020, prepared by the Alliance of Energy Efficient Economy (AEEE), identified Karnataka, Kerala, Maharashtra, Haryana, Punjab, Rajasthan , Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu as states implementing effective energy efficiency. Activities.