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Bidding Instructions WAMY Community Action | Public notices


Submission Instructions WAMY Community Action Inc. Boone, NC Purpose WAMY Community Action Inc. is seeking sub-contractors to perform services in accordance with the Weatherization Program (WAP). WAP is a program funded by the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality to help low-income citizens save energy and reduce expenses through the installation of environmental conservation materials. energy, the implementation of energy efficiency measures in their homes and energy education. Additional information about the program is available online at the Energy Division website {http://www.energync.net). WAMY Community Action Inc. is seeking proposals from interested parties who are duly licensed contractors in the State of North Carolina in the following individual trades: electrical plumbing hull insulation HVAC The contract awarded by the Energy Division of the NCDEQ at WAMY Inc. will provide services in Watauga, Avery, Mitchell, and Yancey Counties in North Carolina from July 1, 2022 through June 30, 2023, subject to satisfactory progress and compliance standards being met. Proposal Requirements Each applicant must submit: 1. A completed North Carolina WAP Subcontracting Agreement for their trade. Please complete contracts electronically, except for signatures. 2. A copy of business license, business certification and training. 3. Proof of general liability, workers’ compensation, and automobile insurance that meets or exceeds the coverage required in the WAP subcontract agreement. The insurance declaration page must be submitted with your agreement. A Dispute Procedures document will accompany the submission instructions. Contact person: Jim Watts; April Beck [email protected]; [email protected] 828-264-3998 225 Birch Street Suite 2 Boone, NC 28607 Please email complete applications to the contact above. Complaint Procedures In the event that a supplier or bidder feels that they have not been given an adequate opportunity to bid on a good or service, they will have the opportunity to lodge a formal complaint. This complaint must be made in writing within 10 days of the announcement of the prize and addressed to the general manager of the organization. Upon receipt of the written complaint, the Executive Director will appoint a committee consisting of themselves, the Chief Financial Officer, a member of the Board of Directors who was not involved in the original decision and an attorney to review the selection process to ensure that it has been followed appropriately and fairly. In addition, a copy of the original complaint and any subsequent correspondence or response will be immediately sent to the awarding agency. This examination will take place within 15 days of receipt of the complaint. A written decision will be sent to the complainant within 10 days of the review committee’s decision. All cases of complaint will be immediately communicated to the procuring agency. Complainant must exhaust all administrative remedies with the agency before pursuing a protest with the federal licensor’s state. Federal agency reviews of protests will be limited to 1) Violations of Federal law or regulations and the standards of 10 CFR Part 600.236 (violations of state or local law will be under the jurisdiction of the state or local authorities). local authorities) and 2) Violations of the recipient’s or subrecipient’s protest procedures in the event of failure to investigate a complaint or protest. Protests received by the federal agency other than those specified above will be forwarded to the recipient or subrecipient. Bidders Conference WAMY Community Action, Inc. would like to invite home performance contractors as well as licensed HVAC, electrical and plumbing contractors to a bidders conference. The lecture will outline how to be considered for contract work under the Weatherization Assistance Program. WAMY Community Action is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Please call 828-264-2421 for more information.