Home Energy company CGE Energy announces corporate restructuring to focus on

CGE Energy announces corporate restructuring to focus on


BRIGHTON, Michigan, Aug. 15, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — CGE Energy, Inc. (“CGE”, OTC: CGEI) is pleased to announce that it is proceeding with the next phase of its business plan, focusing on accelerating development and promoting the world’s first self-powered macro cell tower system.

In order to highlight this unique and revolutionary product, which was created by CGE’s wholly-owned subsidiary – Aradatum, Inc. – and to bring additional value to the Company, the CGE Board of Directors voted to unanimously last week to take all the necessary measures to effect the merger of CGE into a future subsidiary of Aradatum.

Upon completion of the merger, each of CGE’s registered shareholders will hold a number of Aradatum shares equivalent to the CGE shares they held at the time of the merger. CGE’s Board of Directors has made its approval conditional upon completion of the merger on a tax-free basis, and the merger will be submitted to CGE’s shareholders for final approval at the Company’s general shareholders’ meeting.

About CGE Energy, Inc.

CGE Energy, Inc. is a holding company with two wholly owned subsidiaries, Aradatum, Inc. and Clean Green Energy, Inc.

About Aradatum, Inc.

Aradatum is a technology company that has created the world’s first self-powered macro cell tower that you can place literally anywhere. Aradatum creates the infrastructure to solve the geographic and energy problems caused by the limited range of next-generation wireless networks. The towers provide secure and instant communication for telecommunications and network infrastructure equipment running advanced applications for 5G, private networks and edge computing. www.aradatum.com

About Clean Green Energy, Inc.

Clean Green Energy, Inc. develops long-term energy projects that solve the unique energy challenges of its commercial, municipal and non-profit customers. The Company provides both services and products enabling its customers to reduce their energy consumption; reduce their initial, operating and maintenance costs; and generate environmental benefits. www.cgeenergy.com

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