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Energy advisor: utility provides customers with help with water and electricity bills


When money is tight, balancing your budget and keeping your bills paid can be a serious challenge. If you’re having trouble staying up to date with your utility bills, call Clark Public Utilities.

Community Care (also known as ComCare) representatives at Clark Public Utilities are specially trained to help customers get the support they need with their energy bill, no matter how they heat their home. House.

“We help people in all kinds of circumstances – people who were doing well until a sudden crisis wreaked havoc on their financial lives, seniors living on a fixed income, people who lost hours at work – you name it, we’ve seen it, ”said Chiharu Russell, director of community care at Clark Public Utilities.

ComCare representatives work with eligible customers to match them with internal support programs and verify if they are eligible for other public assistance programs.

“Our utility knows how quickly the bills can add up, so we want to explore all avenues to get them help, which we often do,” Russell added.

No Clark Public Utilities customer is currently at risk of having their water or electricity cut for non-payment. The utility suspended disconnections of these services last year, well before the state passed the shutdown moratorium in April 2020. But we encourage you to seek help or make arrangements now.

The income criteria have not changed for any of the assistance programs, but the timeframe used to determine eligibility for many has changed. The maximum delivery of several programs has also increased.

In addition to helping customers pay home energy bills, the utility can help with emergency boiler repair or replacement, energy conservation advice and resources, and offer references to our weather protection programs.

The Service Guarantee Plan can get you back on track when you’ve fallen behind on your energy bills. The goal is to help eliminate accumulated debt, reduce anxiety about past and future payments, and make energy bills a manageable part of your budget. Upon successful completion of the program, any remaining account balance is canceled.

The Senior Rate Credit program is available to households with at least one person 62 years of age or older who meets the income limits. Due to the pandemic, the program offers increased credit on previous electric heating bills from January through April. Upon qualification, the credit will be applied directly to the customer’s account.

The federally funded Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program, or LIHEAP, is administered by the utility on behalf of Clark County. It offers heating aid regardless of the type of heating in a house.

Unlike many other programs, LIHEAP does not follow the calendar year, it runs from October to mid-summer. While the utility’s internal heating assistance programs are aimed at customers with electric heating systems, LIHEAP is “in) Registrations begin in October. Appointments start in mid-September, so mark your calendar to call and reserve your spot in a few weeks.

Operation Warm Heart is an income-based program designed to help households facing financial crisis. The fully donation-funded program helps customers in need pay their winter electric heating bills.

If you are able, consider supporting other community members with a one-time or monthly contribution. All donations to Operation Warm Heart go directly to families in need and may be tax deductible.

Knowing that English is not the primary language for many customers, the utility offers interpretation services for a wide range of languages.

To learn more about financial assistance or to contribute to Operation Hot Heart, call our customer service at 360-992-3000. Representatives are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Information is also available at clarkpublicutilities.com.

Energy Adviser is written by Clark Public Utilities. Send questions to [email protected] or Energy Adviser, c / o Clark Public Utilities, PO Box 8900, Vancouver, WA 98668.

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