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Erode Railway Hospital receives award for energy conservation


Erode Rail Hospital received a Certificate of Merit from the Office of Energy Efficiency for its efforts in energy conservation in the hospital sector for the year 2021.

A statement from the Salem Railways Division says the country observes National Energy Conservation Day on December 14 each year to raise awareness of the importance of energy conservation and insists on avoiding the unnecessary use of energy and use as little energy as possible efficiently.

The Department of Energy celebrated Energy Conservation Week from December 8 to 14 and celebrated the day by presenting the National Energy Conservation Awards and the National Energy Efficiency Innovation Awards at various organizations for their efforts in energy conservation and innovative ideas and practices.

The hospital adopted various measures which resulted in the recognition. Energy efficient LED lights, fans, AC power plants, solar water heaters have been provided to the hospital. All 28 watt lamps (258 in total) were replaced with 18 watt LED fixtures, 71 CFL lamps were replaced with nine watt LED lamps, and 12 conventional split AC power plants were replaced with energy efficient inverter AC power plants. In addition, 20 kWp (grid-connected) rooftop photovoltaic solar panels were commissioned at the hospital in November 2020.

The statement says that all of these measures have resulted in a big change in energy consumption levels. While 59,955 units of electricity were consumed by the hospital in 2018-19, consumption fell to 42,150 units in 2019-2020 and to 23,369 units in 2020-21.

At a ceremony in New Delhi, Minister of Energy and New and Renewable Energies, RK Singh, presented the award which was received by RK Mehta, Senior Electrical Engineer, Southern Railway. PK Selvan, Senior Electrical Engineer (General), Salem Division, representing A. Gautam Srinivas, Divisional Director of Railways, Salem Division, was present.

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