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Expro’s GaleaTM Wins New Technology Award at OTC Houston 2022


HOUSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Expro (NYSE: XPRO), is honored to be recognized at the 2022 Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) in Houston with a Spotlight on New Technology® Award for Autonomous Well Intervention System – GaleaMT .

This prestigious award highlights the latest and most innovative global technologies that are advancing and revolutionizing the future of the energy industry. Galea was selected based on its innovative stand-alone technology and significant environmental, cost and HSE impact beyond existing technologies.

Galea is the world’s first fully autonomous well intervention system, to maximize production while reducing intervention costs, HSE risks and the carbon footprint of operations.

The system replaces larger, conventional and more labor-intensive wireline installations for a range of routine smooth line operations. Galea can be configured in a variety of operating modes from fully autonomous to manual to suit a range of on and offshore applications.

Galea deploys a chain of tools in the well either at regular intervals or according to well conditions in fully autonomous mode. The system performs a pre-programmed intervention sequence in semi-autonomous mode, initiated locally or remotely. In manual mode, quick editing intervention compared to conventional operations is enabled.

The system also reduces the impact of operations on the environment around the well site. A small self-contained response package located at the well site year-round eliminates the need for repetitive operations of wireline units or environmentally disruptive trucks required for traditional approaches.

Galea has several safety features to ensure the containment and elimination of potential wire breaks during interventions.

Expro’s Vice President of Response and Well Integrity, Max Tseplic, said:

“At Expro, we are very focused on the optimization and well integrity challenges faced by our customers. We have developed Galea, an intelligent and autonomous well intervention system, to maximize production, while reducing operating overhead and having a positive impact on the environment.

“After successful field trials, Galea is now available to our customers as a solution to a wide range of well intervention applications.

“This prestigious award in our industry recognizes not only a technology, but also Expro’s broader commitment to providing cost-effective, innovative technologies and solutions, and what we consider to be the best performance in safety and quality. of service, as part of creating a more sustainable business and a low-carbon future.

Toby Pitre, Expro’s vice president for the North America and Latin America region, added:

“Improving our technology development remains a key objective for Expro. With a wide range of capabilities and expertise across the entire well lifecycle, we are fully focused on meeting changing industry demands.

“Galea is the latest addition to our balanced portfolio of world-class services and forward-looking technologies that we will showcase at OTC Houston.

“As we see the return of global travel and in-person events, OTC Houston 2022 will be a great opportunity for us to meet customers and showcase our exciting new developments.”

Expro’s new, forward-looking technologies and presentations will be available at OTC Houston 2022, May 2-5, 2022 – Booth #2626.

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Working for clients throughout the life cycle of a well, Expro is a leading provider of energy services, delivering cost effective and innovative solutions along with unparalleled safety and quality of service. The company’s broad portfolio of capabilities spans well construction, well flow management, subsea well access, and well integrity and intervention.

Founded in 1938, Expro has over 6,500 employees and provides services and solutions to leading exploration and production companies in onshore and offshore environments in approximately 60 countries with over 100 sites.

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