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First hydrogen storage system for NT


Charles Darwin University (CDU) will develop a pilot hydrogen generator, storage and fuel cell system located in Darwin, the first of its kind in the Northern Territory.

UDC Energy and Resources Institute (ERI) will operate the Hydrogen Energy Storage System (ESS) for industrial partners, students and researchers to further develop and commercialize hydrogen as an energy source.

ERI Director Professor Suresh Thennadil said a green hydrogen future for the Northern Territory would require extensive research and assessment as well as the ability to train a workforce with the right skills. required to sustain a hydrogen industry.

“There is still a lot of work to be done for the Northern Territory to become a hydrogen producer for a global energy market that is investing heavily in alternative fuels,” Dr Thennadil said.

“ERI, with its REMHART Grid Systems Center, is uniquely placed to help drive this renewable energy industry in the Northern Territory by bringing together dedicated researchers and industrialists to address the challenges.”

Dr Thennadil said Federal Government funding is enabling ERI to develop a world-class grid-testing facility that fosters CDU-industry collaborations in the Northern Territory through applied research projects and of training programs.

Dr Thennadil said the hydrogen electrolyzer and fuel cell system would expand our capabilities in renewable energy systems.

Hybrid Systems is supplying the electrolyser, hydrogen storage and fuel cell system which will be housed at the Renewable Energy Grid Test Facility at East Arm Wharf, Darwin.

Hybrid Systems Executive Director Mike Hall said the system would create hydrogen from fresh water and store the fuel at the test facility.

“We are excited to work with CDU to adapt our proven and reliable ESS product to researchers to test the ability to create renewable hydrogen and to integrate electrolysers and fuel cells into the grid,” said Mr. Lobby.

Hybrid Systems Australia is headquartered in Western Australia and provides on- and off-grid renewable energy services.

The Northern Territory Government announced in 2021 that it would invest in and support a renewable hydrogen industry in the territory.

The Northern Territory Renewable Hydrogen Strategy said the government’s vision is to make the territory a center for research, production and downstream manufacturing of renewable hydrogen technology internationally.