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Hitachi Energy wins major contract for first of its kind submarine power transmission network in MENA region, driving sustainable energy future for Abu Dhabi


HVDC Light® will connect low-carbon energy from the continental grid to ADNOC’s production operations as a strategic project to enable sustainable, flexible and secure power supply.

Hitachi Energy HVDC Light Valve Hall

Hitachi Energy HVDC Light Valve Hall

Hitachi Energy HVDC Light Valve Hall

Zurich, Switzerland, December 22, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Hitachi Energy today announced that it has won a major order from Samsung C&T Corporation, one of the world’s largest engineering and construction companies, to connect operations ADNOC offshore to the onshore power grid in the United Arab Emirates, owned and operated by Abu Dhabi National Energy Company PJSC (TAQA).

Hitachi Energy’s HVDC Light® technology and MACHTM1 digital control platform will enable cleaner and more efficient energy transfer from the continent to power ADNOC’s offshore production operations, enabling a reduced footprint carbon of ADNOC’s offshore operations by more than thirty percent.

This innovative solution reinforces Hitachi Energy’s commitment to help customers and countries transition to a carbon neutral future and enable the implementation of the UAE’s “2050 Net-Zero Initiative”.

With a capacity of 3,200 megawatts (MW), the two HVDC links will be by far the most powerful power supply solution in the Middle East and North America (MENA) region to date. It is also the first HVDC power supply solution outside Norwegian waters. This innovative solution reflects how Hitachi Energy continues to pioneer technology in responding to the growing interest of domestic and independent oil and gas companies to power their offshore production facilities with carbon-free energy from local sources. land-based electrical networks.

“We are proud to enable Abu Dhabi and ADNOC to make significant progress on the path to realizing the UAE’s ambition to be carbon neutral by 2050,” said Claudio Facchin, CEO of Hitachi Energy. He continued, “At Hitachi Energy, we champion the urgency of the transition to clean energy, and this major order is further proof that we are a key partner in developing and deploying technologies and solutions that advance the system. energy to be more sustainable, flexible and secure.

Mr. SH Kim, Purchasing Manager, Samsung C&T Corporation, commented: “At Hitachi Energy, we have selected a trusted partner who brings deep global competence and a strong spirit of collaboration and innovation. SH Kim continued, “Together, we will provide ADNOC with pioneering technologies that have been proven to work for such a large HVDC project. “

The entire onshore power supply project will include two HVDC power links, which will connect two clusters of offshore oil and gas production facilities to the continental power grid, over a distance of up to 140 kilometers for each cluster.

Hitachi Energy supplies four converter stations, which convert alternating current to direct current for transmission in submarine cables, and then convert it back to alternating current from direct current for use in offshore power systems. HVDC technology will be provided by Hitachi Energy’s global competence centers. The order also includes system studies, design and engineering, supply, installation supervision and commissioning. Hitachi Energy will support customers with a long-term service contract using digital technologies to ensure system availability and reliability throughout the life of the HVDC links.

HVDC Light is a voltage source converter technology developed by Hitachi Energy. It is the preferred technology for many grid applications, including the interconnection of national power grids, the integration of offshore wind farms with continental transmission systems, the supply of power to congested city centers, the interconnection of asynchronous networks operating at different frequencies and the power supply to land.

The defining characteristics of HVDC Light include particularly compact converter stations (which is extremely important in space-critical applications such as offshore wind, offshore production facilities and downtown power supplies), exceptionally low electrical losses and black-start capability to restore power after a grid failure.

Hitachi Energy pioneered commercial HVDC technology almost 70 years ago and has completed more than half of the HVDC Classic projects worldwide and over 70% of the voltage source conversion HVDC projects worldwide.


  1. Modular Advanced Control for HVDC (MACH ™)

  2. The estimated reduction in carbon footprint is based on Hitachi Energy’s own calculations.

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Hitachi Energy is a global technology leader advancing a sustainable energy future for all. We serve our utility, industry and infrastructure clients with innovative solutions and services throughout the value chain. In collaboration with our customers and partners, we manufacture pioneering technologies and enable the digital transformation necessary to accelerate the energy transition towards a carbon neutral future. We are advancing the global energy system to become more sustainable, flexible and secure while balancing social, environmental and economic values. Hitachi Energy has a proven track record and has an unmatched installed base in more than 140 countries. Based in Switzerland, we employ approximately 38,000 people in 90 countries and generate business volumes of approximately US $ 10 billion.

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