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Infosys partners with BP to create an energy-as-a-service solution

Bangalore: has partnered with UK oil and gas company bp to co-develop and pilot an Energy as a Service (EaaS) solution to optimize energy use and help businesses achieve their emission reduction targets.

The solution, which will be piloted at the Infosys campus in Pune, will collect data from several energy assets and use artificial intelligence to optimize supply and demand for electricity, heating, cooling and recharging. electric vehicles.

“Our collaboration with bp further strengthens our long-standing commitment to sustainable development and supports our ambitious ESG objectives. We will now bring together the best of digital technologies – advanced AI, connected digital systems, experience design, analysis – and decarbonization to create an integrated energy and mobility offer, ”said Pravin Rao, COO at Infosys.

Infosys will integrate solar power generation into its campus energy system which the two companies say will be monitored and powered by their co-developed digital platform. This energy can be stored or used for the building’s electricity supply, heating, air conditioning and recharging of electric vehicles.

They said the pilot would replicate the environment of a small town, where energy is generated, stored and consumed at multiple points.

“The integration of advances in energy, mobility and digital technologies and services has enormous potential to accelerate progress towards a more sustainable and resilient future. By bringing together our capabilities, products and complementary services from the various bp joint ventures in India, bp and Infosys can help each other and our customers to achieve their energy and sustainability goals more quickly, ”said Sashi Mukundan, president of bp India and senior vice president. President, Groupe bp.


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Once out of the pilot phase, Infosys and bp said they would bring the solution to more Infosys campuses across the country and deploy it with a few customers to help them manage their energy and reduce their emissions.

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