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Job: Operations Manager at Deep Blue Energy Services Limited


Site: Lagos Island, Nigeria
Job Category: Oil and Gas
Job type: Full time
Shift: day
Duration: 4 weeks
Job Status: Sourcing


  • The role is responsible for the day-to-day management of the operations unit and ensuring the operational efficiency of the supply chain value chain from start to finish.
  • The unit will be structured as end-to-end operational activities that will support all activities within the Group.

Main responsibilities

  • Develop/maintain the company’s corporate strategy with a view to ensuring its continued profitability and continued growth in addition to its ability to consistently deliver value to all of its stakeholders.
  • Support the GMD and other members to align and execute the corporate level vision and strategic plan, including those for business growth, financial management and operational efficiency.
  • Build/maintain a high performing team with a deep understanding and appreciation of industry dynamics and key drivers, business impact of changes in key government policies, emerging opportunities and global industry trends.
  • Acts as a lead advisor and strategist providing necessary support to the GMD, general staff and corporate board, in identifying business and operational risks and resolving related issues .
  • Provides management oversight for the development of high quality, cost effective and integrated financial management, marketing, sales, supply chain and operational management programs.
  • Expands outreach and referral networks to ensure effective technical/operational partnerships and alliances are forged which will facilitate business growth
  • Develop the tactics, policies and processes necessary to ensure that the business operates optimally, capturing value from its business environment and retaining it for its shareholders while operating within a well-defined environmental framework, health, safety, security and quality that is consistent with Group policy
  • Ensure the effective integration of corporate and functional business plans with day-to-day operations and, in doing so, interact regularly with individual operating entities within the Group to identify areas of mutual collaboration towards the achievement of the objectives of the Group.
  • Develop and foster effective collaboration between different functional areas/departments within the business and between staff members to ensure an integrated approach to delivering high quality products and services to customers, thereby fulfilling the key objective of the company to achieve excellence in all its activities. activities and allowing the goals and objectives set by the Group to be achieved over time.
  • Work with the Finance function and other functional HODs as required, liaising with the investment community and financial services organizations to ensure adequate funding for regular business transactions and large-scale projects.
  • Take overall responsibility for the development of comprehensive financial management, marketing, sales and supply chain management strategies; work with functional leaders to develop effective business plans, support budgets and resource deployment and management programs to enable business operations.
  • Monitors performance indices and company budgets to ensure targeted revenue and expense profiles are maintained at all times; triggers triggers when necessary to ensure the business is always on track to achieve set goals; coordinates periodic business performance monitoring and reporting activities of the various functional areas supervised.
  • Ensures smooth and efficient operations around the distribution and delivery of products to customers, including customer service and management of all resources and assets associated with day-to-day operations.
  • Ensure that prompt responses are prepared to requests from regulatory authorities regarding all aspects of operations, eg environment, health, safety, security and quality.
  • Works through the company’s leadership and management team to help reduce costs, increase revenue, and achieve efficient asset utilization, product quality, and throughput goals and objectives.
  • When applicable/assigned, represent the company to the external market and public through strategic and effective communications, marketing and public relations efforts.
  • Makes decisions and acts in the absence of the GMD on matters related to company operations; performs other assigned duties.
  • Ad hoc tasks as advised by the company.

QMS, EMS & QH & SMS Responsibilities:

  • Ensure the integration of OHSMS and EMS requirements into the department’s processes
  • Ensure effective management of environmental aspects, risks and opportunities and implementation of improvement programs
  • Ensure that the environmental and occupational health and safety management systems achieve the expected results within the department.


  • A university degree
  • An MBA would be a plus
  • Minimum of fifteen (15) years of related experience in oil and gas drilling operations, construction and the financial industry
  • Business management experience in a range of business disciplines.
  • Agile to engage in action based on logical assumptions and factual information (using analytical tools), taking into account resources, constraints, etc.
  • Possesses leadership and management abilities to oversee the Organization
  • Has a passion for helping team members and customers
  • Able to see the big picture and plan the details
  • Direct communication
  • Attention to detail
  • Reliable, respects its commitments
  • Strong process and planning orientation
  • Goal-oriented, task-oriented
  • Designs efficient systems, seeks productivity
  • Ability to delegate to the right team members.

Favorite Skills:

  • Exposure to oil and gas drilling, government and external agencies
  • Business strategy development and execution skills
  • Direction
  • Construction Industry Dynamics
  • Business management experience in a range of business disciplines; Marketing, Sales, Supply Chain Management, Corporate Strategy, Finance and Investment Management
  • Oral and written communication.


  • Gender: Doesn’t matter
  • Age: 25 years old 55 years old
  • Highest Education: University of Minimum Education
  • Degree Title: Masters in Business Administration
  • Experience: Minimum experience of 15 years
  • Other Experience: Minimum of fifteen (15) years of related experience in oil and gas drilling operations, construction and the financial industry.
  • Career level: Experienced (Non Manager).

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