Home Energy conservation LONGi showcases latest Hi-MO 6 series modules at COP27 and publishes 2nd Climate Action White Paper – pv magazine International

LONGi showcases latest Hi-MO 6 series modules at COP27 and publishes 2nd Climate Action White Paper – pv magazine International


Li Wenxue, Vice President of LONGi, virtually attended a side meeting on “Green Finance and Chinese Industries Facing Climate Change” on November 12 and released the world’s 2nd white paper on climate action.

“Climate change is a common challenge, and it is related to the sustainable development of all mankind,” Li Wenxue said in his speech, adding that the current status of global climate change has changed from a future challenge to a future one. immediate crisis. According to the report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), to achieve the objective of limiting global warming to 1.5°C, global greenhouse gas emissions must peak in 2025 and be almost halved by 2030. Urgent actions are needed. necessary to prevent severe climate impacts caused by global warming by promoting a green and low-carbon transition through aggressive emission reduction measures.

Li Wenxue pointed out that in the face of the crisis caused by climate change, replacing traditional energy with renewable energy is a key step in green and low-carbon transformation.

By 2030, the world’s annual installed new photovoltaic capacity is expected to reach 1,500-2,000 GW to effectively support global energy transformation, laying the foundation for the goal of global net zero emissions. , which will be 10 times the new installed capacity of global photovoltaics in 2021.

The low-carbon green transformation will create a huge green market, which will give new impetus to green development.

As a global energy technology leader, LONGi firmly believes that technological innovation can help humanity achieve carbon neutrality at a rapidly declining cost.

Since 2021, LONGi has broken the world record of photovoltaic cell conversion efficiency for the 11th time in a row, while firmly pursuing the innovative solution “Green Electricity + Green Hydrogen”. LONGi has always been committed to becoming an advocate, practitioner and leader of sustainable development in the field of global clean energy, making positive contributions to global low-carbon green development and realizing a carbon-free future. .

The report published by LONGi is the second white paper on climate action since the company participated in the United Nations Climate Conference last year. In 2021, LONGi implemented a greenhouse gas emissions accounting system covering the entire value chain of the company (Scope I, II and III). It has actively implemented RE100 and used 3,096 million kWh of green energy throughout the year, which is more than 40.19% of the total

energy consumption, which is equivalent to avoiding 1.68 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions, including more than 160,000 tons of emission reductions through energy conservation and reduced consumption .

As LONGi continues to meet the rapidly increasing global demand for photovoltaic capacity, its carbon emission intensity has been further reduced. Greenhouse gas emissions per unit of revenue in 2021 are 20.7% lower than in 2020, laying the foundation for a gradual decoupling of capacity growth and carbon emissions. It is reported that the report received technical support from The Carbon Trust, an independent international consulting agency, and comprehensively demonstrated LONGi’s firm commitment and practical action as an industry-leading company. photovoltaics in the fight against global climate change.

In terms of implementing corporate climate action, LONGi’s management and core employees are ambitious and pragmatic. In 2018, LONGi took the initiative to propose the concept of “Solar for Solar” at the 24th United Nations Climate Change Conference. In 2020, LONGi became the only Chinese company to simultaneously join all four climate initiatives, namely RE100, EP100, EV100 and SBTi. In 2021, LONGi launched the construction of the PV industry’s first “zero carbon factory” and established its hydrogen power equipment manufacturing division. In 2022, LONGi released the “Supply Chain Green Partner Empowerment Plan”, actively meeting the requirements of the national “Double Carbon” goals and working with partners to continue promoting the goal of energy conservation and emission reduction. .

Over the past year, LONGi has steadily promoted climate action, implemented a greenhouse gas emissions accounting system covering the entire value chain of the company (Scope I, II and III) and accelerated the construction of a sustainable development and ESG management system, actively used a high proportion of green energy, continuous improvement of energy efficiency, reduction of carbon emissions intensity in products and the establishment of a solid foundation to achieve a gradual decoupling of capacity growth and carbon emissions.

At present, the world is facing multiple challenges such as geopolitical conflicts, COVID-19 pandemic, and supply chain instability. While some countries have abandoned their climate change policies, China has continued to attach great importance to combating climate change and unswervingly followed the path of green development.

“LONGi also firmly believes that tackling climate change and achieving net zero emissions is a global consensus, and is willing to work with partners from all sides to take joint action to accelerate the transformation of the clean energy and low carbon green development. We will actively contribute to the innovation of green energy technology companies and help China and the world move towards a carbon-free future,” Li Wenxue said in his speech.

The United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), Energy Transformation Commission (ETC), China New Energy Chamber of Commerce (CNECC), World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) and other international organizations, as well as certain representatives of LONGi partners and customers attended and supported the release of LONGi’s 2022 White Paper on Climate Action.

As a global leader in solar technology, LONGi, together with the Vanke Foundation and China Corporate Climate Action (CCCA), launched a company-themed exhibition hall in the green zone of the COP27 conference and presented its latest generation of Hi-MO 6 series modules.