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Luminace, one of the main suppliers of


NEW YORK, July 21, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Luminace, Brookfield Renewable’s North American decarbonization-as-a-service platform and one of the largest fully integrated providers of distributed energy solutions to customers in commercial, industrial and public, today announced the completion of its new branding to strengthen its mission of empowering the zero-emission future by sponsoring accessible, reliable and renewable distributed energy infrastructure.

Luminace operates a decarbonization-as-a-service platform totaling over 2,000 megawatts of distributed generation facilities in operation and development in 28 states, Washington DC, Puerto Rico and Canada. It is one of the largest providers of distributed solar and energy storage, and benefits from a partnership with a leading energy services company to provide energy efficiency upgrades and upgrades to customers, positioning Luminace as a one-stop-shop for decarbonization as -service solutions.

“The Luminace brand reinforces our customer focus as its demand for one-stop solutions to manage increasingly complex energy needs continues to increase,” said Valerie Hannah, CEO of Luminace. “This brand launch reflects our decarbonization platform as an industry-leading service and our ability to deliver bundled solar power, storage and distributed energy efficiency solutions at no upfront cost to our customers.

About Luminace

Luminace is one of the largest fully integrated decarbonization service providers in North America, sponsoring accessible, reliable and renewable energy infrastructure to enable a zero-emissions future. Luminace serves more than 400 customers in the educational, commercial, industrial, utility and municipal sectors and has more than 1,100 megawatts of energy resources in 28 states, Washington, DC, Puerto Rico and Canada. Our offerings include onsite and offsite solar upgrades and retrofits, energy storage and energy efficiency. Luminace is a Brookfield Renewable company. Brookfield Renewable operates one of the largest purely listed renewable energy platforms in the world.

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