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Map of Fort Morgan electoral wards updated to reflect recent census – The Fort Morgan Times


The boundary between Wards 1 and 3 is shifting following action by the Fort Morgan City Council at its meeting on Tuesday, June 7. All council members were present.

City Clerk John Brennan introduced a resolution updating the city’s electoral wards to align with the most recent federal decennial census in accordance with city charter requirements. Part of Ward 3 will be moved to Ward 1 to keep the population of each ward consistent and within the 5% range. The board unanimously approved the change.

  • Map of previous electoral districts (courtesy image)

  • Updated map of electoral districts (courtesy image)

    Updated map of electoral districts (courtesy image)

Next, the presentation and first reading of Ordinance 1268 was presented. This ordinance would amend Chapter 2, Section 1 of the Fort Morgan Municipal Code to update written descriptions of electoral wards and schedule a public hearing regarding the ordinance for the June 21 meeting, which begins at 9 a.m. Council unanimously approved the first reading and agreed to hold a public hearing at the next meeting in June.


Fort Morgan Mayor Lyn Deal has proclaimed June as Alzheimer’s Disease and Brain Awareness Month.

June business of the month

The Dressing Room was recognized as June’s Business of the Month.

Presentation of the offer

Director of Utilities and Public Works Brent Nation submitted bids for the Highway 52 Water Main Relocation Project. Nation explained that this particular project has been in the works for three years and noted that the city had had problems with this particular line in the past.

The line in question runs under the Main Street Interstate Viaduct and supplies water to the parks building and pool. Nation thinks the line was not buried deep enough and remembers having had problems with freezing during the winter.

In its Interstate Improvements, the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) noted that the line needed to be moved. In anticipation of the future construction of CDOT, CDOT will provide the majority of the funding for this project.

The two bids received were from Blackeagle Energy Services for $436,506.30 and Ransom Boone Excavating for $317,102.00.

The Nation recommended the board approve Ransom Boone’s bid for no more than $330,000, but said CDOT had approximately $240,000 set aside to contribute to the total cost of the project.

The Board unanimously approved the recommendation.

Public audience

The second reading and public hearing of Ordinance 1267 has taken place. The ordinance would amend Chapter 11, Section 4 of the Fort Morgan Municipal Code regarding local improvement districts, implementing best practices at the state level, and allowing publication by title only.

City Attorney Geoff Wilson framed the order as a maintenance action that needed to be taken to comply with state law.

No public comments were made in person or submitted in writing, and the board approved the ordinance unanimously.

Budget Calendar 2023

With the help of department heads, City Manager Steve Glammeyer presented proposed spending for the Electric Fund, Gas Fund and Sanitation Fund, none of which showed major increases.

At the June 21 meeting, Glammeyer will present more corporate funds, including water and sewer.

Police chief’s report

Fort Morgan Police Chief Loren Sharp announced that the rescheduled Chief’s Talk event will take place at 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday, June 29 in Riverside Park Shelter B. He plans to discuss “quality of life issues,” including topics like fireworks and weeds.

Sharp also did a mental health report.

“Certainly Eastern Colorado is not immune to mental health issues. We have a lot of them (them). The biggest problem is that we don’t have the resources that metropolitan areas have. By For example, every metro area has co-responder models with police departments. I’ve been working to try to find a model for that here. We just don’t have the resources,” he said.

Sharp said he’s met with Centennial Mental Health Center in the past, but the organization doesn’t have enough staff to focus on creating its own co-responsor model.

Since 2017, Sharp has reported that the number of mental health incidents continues to rise and said his department often encounters mental health issues multiple times a day. However, Sharp said the police do not have the proper resources to handle these situations.

Recently, Sharp met with staff at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital to discuss possible solutions.

“I think Centura Health coming to St. Elizabeth is going to be a really big plus for us (as we are) trying to work on this (solution). I just want everyone to know that this is something we are working on. We recognize the mental health issue. We try to work with the local resources that we have,” said Sharp.