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Middletown company spearheading efforts to bring offshore wind power to CT


MIDDLETOWN – Compared to other countries in the world, the United States has yet to fully exploit the potential of offshore wind energy, but a city-based company is trying to change that.

Geo SubSea moved to its location on Middletown’s Main Street in 2018. Since then, the company has made strides in bringing wind power to the state and country as a whole.

Owner and President Jeff Gardner said the city has been great so far. “I really like the atmosphere,” he said.

He made sure that the company collaborates and also contributes to the community. This includes helping local nonprofits such as the Rockfall Foundation and the Connecticut River Conservancy, attending environmental cleanup events, and visiting local schools for informational programs and seminars. .

“It’s very important because it’s a way of giving back,” Gardner said.

Geo Subsea is also in the process of creating an internship program with Wesleyan University and is actively seeking to hire local people to help it achieve one of its goals: to grow the offshore wind energy industry.

Geo SubSea oversees and manages everything that goes into such a development, including environmental studies, data collection and construction preparation. It was the first company in the state to get involved in this industry, the president said.

“We’re helping move these renewable energy projects forward,” Gardner explained.

Wind turbines built on the coast and offshore can harvest more wind than wind turbines installed on land, Gardner said. The industry, which started in the late 1990s, has finally started to see some growth, but the United States is still far behind, he said.

“We are about 30 years behind Europe,” he explained.

While there are thousands of offshore wind farms along Europe’s coasts, there are only a handful on the East Coast. There are a few south of Block Island and two off Virginia Beach.

Thanks to the work done by Geo SubSea, in conjunction with other like-minded companies in and around the state, the nation’s first commercial-scale offshore wind farm will soon open on Martha’s Vineyard.

Staff are also heavily involved in another project known as Park City Wind, which involves the construction of Connecticut’s first offshore wind farm south of Bridgeport. It would supply renewable energy to the Connecticut power grid.

It could make energy both cheaper and greener for Connecticut residents.

Gardner explained why this work is important, saying it is necessary both to develop enough energy for the world’s population and to fight climate change.

“Eventually, fossil fuels may not be available, so we need to transition energy sources to renewable options,” Gardner said. “People must think globally and act locally to improve and conserve the earth’s natural resources.”

It is a mission that is close to his heart, as well as his staff.

“I personally collected rocks, crystals and minerals as a kid and loved water, so I combined the two and went to college to become a marine geologist,” said Gardner.

“GSS staff have similar background stories and we all love science and know how important renewable energy is to society,” he added. “We love our job, and it gives us a bigger purpose in our work to try to leave the planet better off when we leave.”

More information about Geo SubSea and its work is available at geosubseaconsulting.com.