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North Carolina Environment Launches Statewide Renewable Energy Campaign | News


CITY OF MORE HEAD — A statewide environmental organization has launched a campaign to seek renewable energy for Carteret County and the rest of the state.

Environment North Carolina announced on February 3 the launch of a campaign for 100% renewable energy in North Carolina. According to the announcement, as “Gov. (Roy) Cooper and state officials set priorities and plans for the new year, ENC plans to take steps to transition the state to 100% renewable energy. . »

ENC attorney Krista Early said “For decades, North Carolina has relied on dirty energy sources that pollute the air, harm our communities, and damage our unique natural landmarks. like Linville Gorge or the Outer Banks”.

“The people of North Carolina deserve better than this and now, thanks to incredible advances in technology, we can fix that by repowering ourselves with clean, renewable energy,” Ms. Early said. “We are already well underway, and now is the time for North Carolina to make that vision a reality by committing to 100% renewable energy.”

ENC said in its announcement that the campaign seeks to tap into a national trend of renewable energy progress and growing ambition. According to ENC, in 2020, wind and solar energy produced 11% of electricity in the United States, compared to “only 0.5% in 2001”.

“In North Carolina, solar power has grown more than 265 times since 2011,” ENC said, “and has seen a 564 GWH increase in wind power generation and continues to demonstrate growth potential.” .

To date, nine states have committed to producing 100% clean or renewable electricity by 2050 or earlier.

According to ENC, cities, universities and businesses are also increasingly sourcing energy from renewable, efficient and reliable sources.

“In fact, more than 180 U.S. cities, including five in North Carolina, have committed to switching to 100% renewable energy,” the organization said. “Environment North Carolina joins 11 other state groups in the Environment America National Network that are working to build on this momentum and secure additional statewide commitments.”

Ms Early said “the stage has been set for America’s transition to a renewable energy system”.

“States across the country are taking their place in this monumental change that has already begun,” she said. “The question is what role does our state want to play? I hope to see center-stage taking North Carolina on the move toward a clean energy future, transforming the way we produce and consume energy in North Carolina, and inspiring other states to follow our lead.”