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Ontario Companies Propose “District” Energy Project for Downtown Saint John


SAINT JOHN – The city is working with two companies to explore the idea of ​​a large-scale district energy system project.

Jamie Stephen of Ottawa-based TorchLight Bioresources presented the concept of a district energy system at the Joint Council meeting on Monday.

“District energy is basically having a central source of heat or cooling, and distributing that energy through hot or cold water pipes through multiple buildings,” Stephen said.

“Think about it instead of everyone having their own water supply system, well and septic tank, we have centralized water and wastewater treatment. “

“So in the form of district energy, instead of each building having its own oven or boiler, there is a central boiler that feeds multiple buildings that distribute that energy,” Stephen added.

TorchLight, in partnership with and Rathco ENG, plans to seek funding from Natural Resources Canada to conduct a feasibility study for a district energy system project using local renewable energy and the biothermal heat from Irving Pulp and Paper industrial waste. .

The study would focus on the design of a hot water heating network for the central-south peninsula, including the city center.

The feasibility study will consist of five main components:

  • Community-wide master plan
  • Class C engineering and costing of a district energy system covering the south-central peninsula
  • Community engagement plan and activities
  • Evaluation of the Triple Bottom Line project, including several scenarios
  • Heating department business plan including financial projections and ownership, financing and operations

The Communal Council agreed to provide a letter of support to Natural Resources Canada to fund the proposed study.

Tim Herd is a journalist with CHSJ / Country 94, Huddle content partners.