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Process and control today | Energy crisis: manufacturers are invited to develop an energy roadmap over 4 to 5 years


UK manufacturers have been urged to build a long-term energy roadmap and not to assume that the current energy crisis is one-time.

The warning, from building analyst firm CIM, comes as current soaring energy costs threaten to shut down production in a number of industries and raise concerns about competitiveness of manufacturing in the UK.

CIM, EMEA Managing Director Paul Walsh (pictured) says the crisis is making energy a priority in the C-Suite. “The crisis is a sore spot that is forcing energy consumption and efficiency on the board agendas in many sectors, not just those traditionally considered to be energy inefficient.”

As energy-intensive industries such as chemicals, steel and paper experience significant cost increases, Walsh says other sectors, such as life sciences and high-tech manufacturing , are just as vulnerable: Tech sectors are also big consumers of energy given their highly controlled validated areas, such as clean rooms and temperature-controlled spaces, which cannot simply be turned off or off to save energy. ‘energy.

Mr Walsh says energy reduction measures that in the past were considered a lower priority, are now expected to become much more important at the plant. “Energy efficiency solutions are available that can generate a return on investment without requiring huge CapEx investments, and should help manufacturers weather this crisis and in the long term. “

Mr. Walsh advocates a two-step strategy. “We believe it is important to prioritize short-term energy conservation measures while developing a long-term sustainability strategy. The way forward for manufacturers is to optimize the power-hungry equipment they already have on-site by applying intelligence to identify operational inefficiencies. Not only will this detail what is being consumed, but also which areas of a site are inefficient and can be identified for improvement.

He continues, “Manufacturers need to aggressively target energy costs, especially in unvalidated areas that often go undiagnosed, such as HVAC equipment that does not perform as intended or originally designed. Identifying and solving multiple small gains can have a huge impact on energy costs. Ultimately, as strong as that spike may be now, improving energy efficiency over the next four to five years is the only sure-fire way for manufacturers to guard against any new energy crisis. “

For more information on CIM’s PEAK Building Analysis Platform for Energy Intensive Manufacturing Applications, please visit: https://cim.io/the-peak-platform/applications-manufacturing/.

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