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Record number of Finns now favor nuclear to go green – EURACTIV.com


A record number of Finns are in favor of nuclear power, according to a new survey commissioned by Finnish Energy, citing the fight against climate change as the main reason.

According to the survey conducted in April and published Monday, May 16, about 60% say they are in favor of nuclear power, while only 11% say they oppose it. Support for nuclear power has been measured continuously since 1983, and the popularity of the energy source has reached its highest level since the survey was first published.

The reason for the growing popularity of nuclear has to do with the need to quickly transform the energy system by replacing fossil fuels in transportation, heating, and other uses.

Finland’s share of renewable and nuclear sources covered 87% of electricity generation in 2021. This figure is expected to reach over 90% by 2023. The new Olkiluoto 3 reactor plays an important role in the transition .

The proposed solution for storing spent nuclear fuel, which will be buried 430 meters underground, is also likely to boost the popularity of nuclear. This must isolate the spent fuel from the organic environment by means of safety solutions called anti-rejection barriers, thus preventing it from coming into contact with the environment or people.

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Meanwhile, 76% of Finns are eager to see a halt to Russian energy imports even if it would mean higher prices, another survey published on Monday (May 16) and commissioned by Greenpeace revealed.

Among those who say they are in favor of stopping Russian imports, 90% have a university degree, while only 20% in the 15-24 age group say they approve of such a decision.