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Russian energy officials claim control of Ukraine’s largest nuclear power plant


Russian officials visited Ukraine’s largest nuclear power plant and claimed control of the facility, CNN reported, citing information of the country’s national nuclear energy company.

Eleven officials from Russia’s atomic energy company Rosatom arrived at the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant on Friday, saying the plant now belongs to their company.

Previously, the factory had been occupied by the Russian army for more than a week.

The group of Russians included two top engineers from Russia’s major nuclear power plants in Balakovo and Rostov.

“According to a representative of this group, they were sent to assess nuclear and radiological safety after the bombing and seizure of the plant, as well as to provide assistance with repairs,” read a statement from the Ukrainian company. nuclear energy Energoatom, according to CNN. .

“Another reason for their appearance was expressed as the refusal of pro-Ukrainian leaders and ZNPP personnel to cooperate with the invaders,” he continued.

Energoatom claims that Ukrainians were forced to work at the Zaporizhzhya power plant at gunpoint while Russian forces occupied the plant.

The six power units located in Zaporizhzhya are in working order, but the management of the Ukrainian station is obliged to follow Russian orders on all technical issues, according to the company.

The International Atomic Energy Agency reported on Saturday that two of the four high-voltage power lines in Zaporizhzhya were damaged. However, the electricity the plant needs to continue to operate safely can be supplied by a single line.