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A meeting was held on 6/2 sponsored by The Grass Roots Institute to answer questions from those interested in one of the 4 open seats on the City Council. Former members, Dave Turner and Dan Gjerde were on hand to answer questions about their motivations for running and the challenges they faced on the Board.

Peter McNamee moderated the discussion and asked everyone about the opportunities and challenges faced. Ongoing issues such as water, waste treatment, housing, business and traffic were discussed.

Dave mentioned that there was plenty of water on the coast but tanks were needed for storage; while Dan spoke about the interplay of city and county governments and inter-county committees working in the interest of Northern California.

After Dave and Dan spoke on these issues, questions about energy conservation and production were asked by the 30-person audience, along with questions about the cogs and bolts regarding the Brown Law, the approximate votes needed to win a seat and the number of hours it takes to get the job done.

It was also mentioned that Volkswagen is donating money because of its diesel regulations that can be used to charge electric vehicles, which would help promote both local conservation and tourism.

The Town Clerk, June Lemos was present. She told the group that the city would help with applications and send new members to government courses in Sacramento.

—Mark Safron, Fort Bragg