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Shell targets Australian electricity market as green shift gathers pace


“Making money with clean energy is much more about serving the customer better than anyone else and making the most of the flexibility they have,” he said.


“I can sell you cheaper electricity if you allow me to decide when your car charges, when your house cools down depending on the electricity prices and the supply … you are going to have to form a very intimate relationship with customers for to earn money in this business.

Mr Wetselaar, who on Friday announced he would be leaving Shell after 25 years, said the company is looking to expand its energy business and also intends to seek opportunities to develop clean hydrogen in Australia, describing the country as an attractive location for hydrogen manufacturing due to its abundance of land, renewable energy resources, and proximity to the largest potential hydrogen buyers in Asia.

Australia’s long-haul transport sector also offered the prospect of significant local demand for hydrogen, as more fleets turned to hydrogen fuel cells to reduce emissions, he said. .

“Basically Australia has almost all the boxes to tick,” he said. “Eventually, I’m pretty sure we’ll have a major hydrogen business in Australia. “

Shell Australia President Tony Nunan said the company will continue to invest significantly in its local “world-class” LNG business which includes the QCLNG plant in Queensland, the Prelude floating LNG project and its holdings. in the giant North West Shelf, Gorgon and Browse joint ventures. While Shell believes its global oil production has peaked and is starting to decline, it predicts that LNG production has a “long way to go” and that its Australian assets will remain essential.

But its expansion into other sectors of the energy industry has accelerated. Along with its foray into the Australian electricity market, Shell is also developing the Gangarri solar farm in Queensland and has acquired the carbon company Select Carbon.

“We have a portfolio that is diversifying quite quickly,” said Mr. Nunan.

“If we demonstrate… in Australia that we can be credible, reliable and make a profit, then we absolutely have a huge opportunity here. “

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