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Skrekas: Almost ‘zero chance’ of power cuts due to energy crisis


ATHENS — There is almost no chance that the energy crisis will lead to power cuts, Environment and Energy Minister Kostas Skrekas said on Tuesday, speaking to private TV channel Skai.

“In life and at a time when a conventional and energy war is raging, nobody can rule anything out, but I repeat that these possibilities are very small, almost zero,” Skrekas said.

Among the measures taken to ensure sufficient supply, the Minister listed the installation of a second Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) storage tank in Revythoussa, an increase in coal production, the possibility of switching to diesel in power plants now using natural gas and natgas. storage. In addition, there will soon be a European directive on energy saving, especially during afternoon and evening peak hours.

Referring to the subsidies for energy bills, which the government is due to announce in the coming days, Skrekas reiterated that there will be three subsidy tranches, ranging from the highest to the lowest, as well as an additional discount for anyone reducing their energy consumption compared to last year. It is estimated that these will absorb 90-94% of the rate increases.

The minister said no bonus will be given for decreasing natural gas consumption as this would be difficult to calculate for apartment buildings with shared central heating systems. The price will be seven to ten times higher than the previous year and state support will make it more affordable but not similar to pre-crisis levels, he said.