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Study to explore biomass district heating in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia


Ottawa announced a $515,000 investment in Nova Scotia-based company TorchLight Bioresources to study a district energy system that would connect more than 90% of buildings in the community and reduce greenhouse gas emissions and energy costs. heating for the citizens of New Glasgow, Nova Scotia.

The feasibility study will design a heating network using renewable biomass and wind energy.

The City of New Glasgow, TorchLight, Guelph-based Rathco ENG, the Nova Scotia Federation of Forest Owners and ACFOR (a small New Brunswick-based ecological forestry company) are also contributing to the project, bringing the total investment to $755,000.

Federal funding for this project is provided by Natural Resources Canada’s Smart Renewables and Electrification Pathways (SREPs) program.

“We are extremely grateful to Natural Resources Canada for supporting this project and to the City of New Glasgow for trusting us,” said Jamie Stephen, Ph.D., Managing Director of TorchLight Bioresources.

“We are excited to engage with New Glasgow residents and businesses to determine if a biomass district heating system is the best energy option for the community. District energy systems have been proven to provide significant local economic and community benefits, and we look forward to working with the City of New Glasgow to design a system that maximizes these benefits for New Glasgow residents.

New Glasgow Mayor Nancy Dicks said the city is actively working to advance ambitious climate action to reduce local GHG emissions, improve community resilience and support local economic development.

“Decarbonizing heating is key to reducing our greenhouse gas emissions. This project is an exciting opportunity to explore a low-carbon path for community heating and significantly address energy poverty through a reliable pricing model. Heating with local sustainable biomass can create new jobs, support Nova Scotia’s forestry sector and grow our local economy. We are grateful for the financial support from Natural Resources Canada and look forward to working with the TorchLight Bioresources team,” said Dicks.