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The school receives help from an energy company to provide food to families in need



Moundsville Middle School quietly feeds many hungry families.

But the amount of food they receive from Mountaineer Food Bank each month weighs in at 1,000 pounds or more.

So they get a little help with the heavy lifting from Williams Energy employees.

Delivery takes place once a month in a semi-trailer.

Pantries receiving the food meet the truck in a mall parking lot.

But unloading all that packaged food and loading it into their own vehicles is a big job.

Suzanne Muncy of Moundsville Middle School says it helps many children and their families.

But getting her to school hasn’t always been easy.

“Many years ago I did it all by myself,” Muncy said. “And I was only feeding 20 families at the time. And then it got bigger and bigger and I needed help. Williams Energy therefore mobilized and provided the workforce. I couldn’t put it in my car anymore, so they came to help me. And that’s a wonderful thing. There is nothing worse than a starving child. When you’re hungry, you can’t learn.

“That’s a lot of food,” noted Aaron Dailer, operations technician at Williams Energy. “It’s amazing the amount that goes to these schools. And it can be quite difficult to get it where it needs to go.

Fifty children a week bring home a bag of food from Moundsville Middle School.

And during the holidays, 170 children received take-out food for their families.

Other pantries also receive food from the Mountaineer Food Bank – everyone from the Salvation Army to the Feeding Body and Soul Soup Kitchen.