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These tips can help you save energy this summer


As the San Antonio area experiences record summer temperatures and high energy demand, CPS Energy officials say conservation can help you manage your energy bills and keep the lights on across the state.

CPS Energy recently launched a color-coded conservation level notification program. This program outlines actions you can take for daily conservation and during peak days of energy demand.

The program also provides advice on what to do if the reliability of the national grid is threatened. The program features four color-coded energy conservation levels, guiding customers through simple conservation tips related to expected energy demand.

Every day, CPS Energy will communicate the level of conservation through the company’s website, electronic bulletin boards, social media and other public awareness efforts.

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CPS officials say most days will be green days, calling for daily conservation action. If additional conservation is required during peak hours of energy demand, CPS Energy will raise the status to a yellow day. Amber and red alerts will only be issued if the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT), the statewide grid operator, declares that grid reliability is at risk.

The new conservation program is part of a community-wide “Beat the Heat” partnership to raise awareness of how everyone can stay safe, conserve energy and water and save money, said officials from CPS Energy.

Here are some tips to help you conserve your energy this summer:

  • Set thermostats 2-3 degrees higher; set programmable thermostats to higher temperatures (up to 85 degrees) when no one is home. CPS Energy states that the optimum energy-saving temperature is 78 degrees.

  • Use fans to feel 4-6 degrees cooler.

  • Set pool pumps to run early in the morning or at night; stop from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m.

  • Turn off and unplug non-essential lights and appliances.

  • Avoid using large household appliances (i.e. ovens, washing machines, etc.), especially during peak hours of energy demand.

  • Perform pre-summer maintenance, including having your HVAC system inspected by a licensed professional and making sure your home is properly weatherized.

May and June brought record heat for the region, and South Texas continues to experience hot summer temperatures. According to CPS officials, power demand is at an all time high – ERCOT broke at least half a dozen peak power demand records this summer.

Visit cpsenergy.com to see today’s energy conservation level, learn more about conservation levels and alerts, and find Beat the Heat tips to save energy and money. Customers can call CPS Energy at (210) 353-2222 for help with billing or payment terms or visit an upcoming event listed here.