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“This is a multi-day effort”: Dominion Energy says some customers can go days before they see power return


VIRGINIA (WDVM) – One of the biggest snowstorms Virginia has seen in recent years left thousands of residents without power. Now Dominion Energy says some customers should be prepared to wait “several days” to have their power restored.

390,000 customers lost power after Monday’s snowstorm, and although crews have restored power for many, more than 100,000 residents are still waiting for power to return.

“The biggest question we’re hearing from our customers right now, as you can imagine, is ‘When are my lights going to be back on?’ It will take us a little longer to give them a more precise answer, ”said Rayhan Daudani, spokesperson for Dominion Energy.

Daudani says the energy company prioritizes circuits that serve the most people. This means that customers in the hardest-hit and rural areas will be the ones who have to wait the longest.

Residents like Stafford resident Sean Mathews are frustrated.

“We ended up letting our kids sleep with us last night just to keep them warm,” said Mathews. “I really don’t understand how it happened these days. It just doesn’t make sense that it is going so badly. “

Mathews says the business should have been “more prepared”. However, Dominion Energy says they have all their hands on deck, now recruiting crews from states as far away as Florida to help with the effort.

“We were monitoring the storm and the forecast at the end of last week. We had our crews on standby to be able to intervene as quickly as possible, ”said Daudani.

Electricity restoration efforts are delayed by road conditions, making it difficult for teams to reach rural neighborhoods.

“What complicated things was that a lot of the roads were not passable and were not safe for travel. This has made it difficult for our crews to access the locations they need to reach, ”said Daudani.

Customers took to social media to voice their frustrations, saying they couldn’t reach Dominion representatives as the company faces an influx of calls.

“We would love to talk to them one by one, or respond to every tweet, but right now our best opportunity is to get the word out through the news media and our social networks,” said Daudani.

Dominion Energy says they have teams studying the damage to give customers a better estimate of when they can see their electricity coming back.

Customers can view updates on power outages on the Dominion Energy website.