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Vital reasons for Ige to veto SB 2510 | News, Sports, Jobs


There are vital reasons for Governor Ige to veto SB 2510 – the 33% shut down renewable energy bill.

SB 2510 would require each island network to use polluting, non-carbon-sequestering biomass.

Of the remaining 66% of each island’s energy grid, each renewable energy, with the exception of geothermal, would be limited to 45% of the grid’s energy production.

SB 2510 would run counter to the Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative, and it could be unconstitutional.

The findings of the UN Climate Action emphasize that the multiple types of biomass are a finite resource. “Renewable energy is energy derived from natural sources that is replenished at a higher rate than it is consumed.”

This is not the case with biomass, which is consumed at a higher rate than it can be replenished or will be able to sequester carbon again.

The scientists wrote in “The hill” this: “Declaring biomass to be carbon neutral (or renewable) without considering the health consequences can put us on a path to invest more in an energy system with an already severe health burden, ambiguous climate benefits and environmental justice issues in the supply chain Commit to alternatives, or better yet, make major energy decisions using a systems-level approach considering both climate and public health , can put us on the path to a healthier, fairer energy system that is more compatible with the recommendations of the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

If SB 2510 were to pass, it would put thousands of people at risk, especially on Maui, where there are fewer renewable energy options.

Carol Cam


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