Home Energy system Whiffle, a TU Delft spin-off, raises €3 million to further develop its hyper-local weather forecasting technology

Whiffle, a TU Delft spin-off, raises €3 million to further develop its hyper-local weather forecasting technology


Whiffle, a Delft, Netherlands-based weather forecasting company that offers weather forecasting, wind power and solar energy services, announced on Thursday that it has raised 3 million euros in a new round of financing.

The round saw participation from impact investors ENERGIIQ and SHIFT Invest.

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Rafael Koene, fund manager at ENERGIIQ, says: “Whiffle’s technology can have a major impact on the energy transition by further reducing overall renewable energy costs.

Revolutionizing Numerical Weather Prediction

Founded in 2015 by Harmen Jonker and Remco Verzijlbergh, Whiffle is a spin-off from Delft University of Technology that claims to have developed “cutting edge” technology for highly accurate and localized weather forecasts.

The company runs its weather model calculations on graphics processing units (GPUs), allowing local turbulence and the underlying processes and conditions in the atmosphere to be captured in detail. Powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning, Whiffle claims it is the world’s first operational weather model based on Large Scale Simulation (LES).

Whiffle can thus provide its customers with fast and accurate weather forecasts that take into account various factors such as the local effects of hills, buildings and wind turbines.

Whiffle CEO Harmen Jonker said: “We can use this investment to further grow the business and commercialize our weather model in a number of sectors. Over the past few years, we’ve worked hard to refine the technology and make it easy for customers to use. We are now seeing a significant increase in commercial interest. This investment will allow us to grow even faster and continue to improve our model in the years to come. »

While the technology can help increase efficiency in many industries, Whiffle’s technology is currently being used by world leaders in the renewable energy market to develop and operate wind and solar power plants. In addition, his model is also applied to air pollution forecasting, aviation and agriculture.

Janneke Bik, Partner at SHIFT Invest, said: “We are impressed with the team and the technology they have developed. As the growth of renewable resources will make the energy system more dependent on weather conditions, accurate simulations and forecasts are crucial for the energy transition. Whiffle therefore corresponds perfectly to the objective of our fund.

Accelerating the energy transition

Whiffle’s weather model makes renewable energy production more predictable. The technology is appreciated by the energy sector because better forecasts reduce the costs of weather risks. More accurate weather forecasts reduce imbalance prices for energy companies, for example, which has a direct effect on their margins.

Furthermore, the model can also be used to optimize the layout of wind farms and better predict future energy yields. This could result in higher returns and lower financing costs.

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