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Wind power will create thousands of jobs in Indiana’s economy, according to WorkingNation ‘Green Jobs Now’ data


LOS ANGELES, July 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — WorkingNationa nonprofit that reports on the future of work, today began publishing “Green jobs now: Indiana” – multimedia reports based on original data – which predicts a 29.2% increase over five years in Indiana demand for green jobs.

The dramatic increase, well above the national average of 5.7%, is expected largely due to demand for Indiana for wind technicians.

Indiana will continue to see growth in green-related jobs, especially as we look to the transformation of Indiana electricity production portfolio”, Ryan Hadleyexecutive director of the Indiana Office of Energy Development, told WorkingNation in an interview for the “Green jobs now” project. “Over the past decade, Indiana increased its wind generation from virtually zero in 2008 to 6.5% in 2020.”

light projectionwho collected and analyzed original data for WorkingNation’s multistate Green Jobs Now project, estimates that there are already more than 11,678 workers in Indiana green economy, a moderate amount compared to other states.

“Green jobs now: Indianaidentifies the green skills most in demand by the state — knowledge of “energy conservation,” “energy efficiency,” and “renewable energy,” according to the data — and occupations where green skills are important. This suggests that some workers could get annual salary increases of maybe $800 or more by applying green skills, with boosts greater than $8,000 for certain positions. This demonstrates the value for workers to learn green skills and for local economies to have access to training as the federal government begins to roll out a $1.2 trillion infrastructure investments that are expected to boost green jobs nationwide.

In IndianaLightcast estimates that 1,146,364 workers, if they had access to training, could be retrained in green jobs.

“Green jobs now: Indianais the final state-focused episode of WorkingNation/Lightcast Green Jobs Now Series, a data-driven journalism project aimed at defining and identifying green jobs and skills, identifying where workers can find them, and presenting a compelling snapshot of the green economy. Previous installments looked at green jobs in Pennsylvania, Louisiana, Colorado, Arkansas, Illinois, Mississippi, Iowa and nationally.

The Indiana reports, supported by a grant from Walton Family Foundationwill initially include a WorkingNation.org site presentation article by Laura Aca and a detailed Lightcast report on the underlying data. Future items will include an episode of the “Work green, earn green“audio podcast and a”I want this job!” video offering an inside look at a green occupation at Indiana.

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