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Woodside Hires Strohm for Scarborough Emergency Response System


Strohm has been contracted to manufacture and deliver two thermoplastic composite pipe (TCP) flowlines to Australian liquefied natural gas (LNG) developer Woodside Energy. The technology will be an integral part of relief well emergency response plans for the well construction phase of the Scarborough field development.

The Scarborough field development in the Exmouth sub-basin off the coast of Western Australia will include up to 13 subsea production wells to be constructed and linked to a floating platform moored 900m away of water depth. Gas from the field will be processed at Pluto LNG’s expanded export facility near Karratha. In its entirety, the development represents an investment of US$12 billion (A$16.2 billion).

“The emergency response system, with two 600m long TCP Flowlines, will be stored onshore for rapid field deployment in the unlikely event of a drilling-related source control incident. Two floating drilling rigs would pump high-density destruction fluid, using well destruction manifolds on the seabed. The TCP Flowlines would be laid on the seabed to connect the manifolds, facilitating mixing of the destruction fluid into a relief well,” Strohm said in a statement.

This is the first time TCP has been chosen for this application, the company added.

Strohm will deliver the TCP Flowlines with each coiled on storage and installation baskets which can be lowered to the seabed from a local Inspection, Maintenance and Repair (IMR) vessel.

Fabienne Ellington, Strohm’s Vice President for Middle East and Asia Pacific, said: “Having recently successfully installed a TCP Jumper for Woodside in their Julimar field, we are very proud that our technology has been selected. for their vital emergency response system. This collaboration further develops the strong working relationship between our two companies.

Strohm, Australia representative Robby O’Sullivan added: “The Scarborough Reservoir is one of Australia’s biggest discoveries and is estimated to contain 11.1 trillion cubic feet (2P) of dry gas. . TCP was chosen because it is a light, smooth bore tube and is easy to transport and deploy at sea, making it ideal in an emergency response situation. It is also very compact and can be safely stored on reels or pallets.

Aaron McPhee, Woodside Energy Well Delivery Manager, said, “The TCP streamlines are another component of our suite of source control equipment for the Scarborough project. Technology allows us to implement rapid response as part of our source control plans. »

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