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Xpeng announces business partnerships in Europe


The expansion into other European countries announced by the Chinese electric car manufacturer Xpeng is materializing with the conclusion of sales and service partnerships in the Netherlands and Sweden. The commercial partnerships will soon be followed by their own subsidiaries.

In the Netherlands, Xpeng cooperates with Emil Frey and in Sweden with Bilia. Additionally, Xpeng plans to open its own branches in both countries in the first quarter – in Sweden as early as this week.

The store in Sweden will be Xpeng’s first standalone retail store in the international market, according to a press release. In the Netherlands, a retail experience store by Xpeng will follow in March at the Westfield Mall of the Netherlands near The Hague.

Xpeng sees huge potential in its collaboration with Emil Frey for its expansion in the Netherlands and beyond. The deal with the Swiss-based company would be the first collaboration between Xpeng and the agency in Europe. Emil Frey will expand Xpeng’s sales and service network in the Netherlands and manage its brand stores. Customers will benefit from uniform pricing, access to an established service and distribution network, efficient service and quality standards.

In Sweden, customers will also benefit from an existing network; that of the car dealership Bilia. This is a total of 58 dealerships and 66 service centers. Xpeng products will be available at Bilia stores and serviced at Bilia service centers – initially in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö.

“Our global journey begins in Europe, propelled by our commitment to increasing the penetration of smart electric vehicles,” said He Xiaopeng, CEO of Xpeng. “We strongly support Europe’s electric vehicle development strategy and are forging partnerships with leading local players to accelerate energy conservation, emissions reduction and electrification in Europe.”

Xpeng has already been present in Norway since the end of 2020, where it offers the G3 electric SUV and, since the end of 2021, the P7 electric sedan. Xpeng announced further expansion into the European market in December 2021. Entry into the Danish market is also planned for this year. However, Xpeng has yet to give details.